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The new way to buy and sell everything anime!

"Professional, quick and easy to use! Superb service!" - Anna

"Competitive prices to buy items" - Phoebe

"Friendly staff and a great place to hang out" - Connor

"The gaming lounge along with the store makes this a great place to spend a day!" - Yan


A little bit of background on the guy who's taking on the big boys in Pop Culture in the UK


Hey there, my name is Richard. I'm the founder of this little shindig.

An active cosplayer, lover of anime, gaming fanatic, meme machine and general all-round nerd, I've been on the convention scene for almost 10 years. During that time I've traveled the UK as an attendee and made tons of friends and memories. This scene is one I want to spend my life in and hope to bring a useful, honest and well-run business into the forefront of everything pop culture.

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