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Bring your own controller/stick. Matches will be on PS4s ONLY. Adapters will NOT be available on-site so you must bring your own if required.


Double Elimination Tournament, no Pools. Each match will be decided via best of 3 games. Losing your first game will put you into Loser's Bracket. Another loss will mean elimination.


If any game results in a tie as determined by the game, that game must be replayed with the same characters, stage and ultras as before. Niether player will gain a win for the draw game.


Both players must agree on which side they will play on. If no agreement can be met, a match of rock/paper/siccors will decide.


Choosing characters is via standard choice - both players can choose any character and any ultra. If both players agree before the match starts, they may choose blind to their opponent. Speak to any organiser before your match to verify this.


The loser of each game may change character. The winner may NOT change character, but may change ultras.


Once a winner has been determined you must BOTH report to the tournament desk with the outcome.


Pausing during a match for any reason will result in a loss of that round for the player. If the pause is caused by a defective controller or stick, the player is still liable for the loss of that round. They may take 2 minutes via a pause in the next round (if viable) to replace their equipment. They may also unpause to button check without gaining an advantage (i.e building super meter). If they do gain an advantage they will forfiet the second round as well. If they are unable to replace equipment within the 2 minutes alloted they must play out the match with their defective equipment noting that further pauses will be penalised as normal.


If you are called for a match, you have 2 minutes to report to your station or you will forfeit the first game. After another 2 minutes you will forfeit the 2nd game and therefore the match. THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY AND NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE UNLESS PREVIOUSLY CLEARED WITH THE TOURNAMENT ORGANISER. Not being able to play as you have lent your equipment to another player will not be considered a valid reason and you will be penalised as above. You are responsible for being on call at any moment for a match during the event.


Once eliminated, players cannot re enter the tournament. They may not replace a player who is still in the tournament. If that player can no longer play they forfeit their matches and the opposing player proceeds as the winner.




Players are expected to respect both the venue staff and other players during their time at the event. Players who use racial language, harrass or threaten any person for any reason will be disqualified and ejected from the venue. We operate a zero tolerance policy here and will take immediate action accordingly. If you have a problem with a player report it to a member of staff.


Trash talking is a part of the tournament scene, but we ask you to keep it civil. Physical contact, excessive trash talking or intimidation will be dealt with at the descretion of the tournament organiser. Being disruptive to players in a match will also be dealt with accordingly.


Colluding with other players to alter potential match results will result in all players involved being disqualified. This includes throwing matches, tampering with equipment and 'coaching' mid-match. You may give advice if a player requests it BEFORE the match begins, but may NOT do so once the match is underway. This INCLUDES choosing characters during the second or third rounds, as this is still part of the match in progress.


Excessive time-wasting during character selection or equipment set up is not allowed.


Players must be sober and not carrying any drug or alcohol-related items on their person. If found you will be asked to leave immediately or the authorities will be contacted.


No gambling of any sort may take place at the event.




If you are found to be in breach of any conduct rules you may be given a first strike. Upon receiving a strike you will forfeit any current match or your next match, whichever is the former. If you are in loser's bracket this means you will be out of the tournament. Keep it in the game.


If misconduct continues a second strike will be given to the player upon which they will be disqualified and ejected from the premesis. The following misconduct will result in an immediate second strike without a first being issued:


- Physical violence against a player (slapping, punching, kicking out their stool from under them, etc)

- Racial/hate language (hate language constitues insulting a player due to their sexual identity, country of origin, etc)

- Intimidation or harassment of another player

- Hitting screens or throwing any equipment, regardless of whether you own it

- Use of, carrying of or being inebriated due to drugs or alcohol


By entering the tounament you agree to abide by these rules and the decision of the tournament organiser is final. We are aware that unforseen cicumstances may happen and as such we reserve the right to change, alter, add or remove rules at any time. The Tournament Organiser may make decisions on exceptional cicumstances at their descretion.


Street Fighter V Tournament


1 Day Event, Double Elimination Brackets


Reg: 11AM - 1PM on the Door



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WhitGift Shopping Centre 1st Floor (Above Costa Coffee)

Croydon CR9 1SB

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