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Q. What don't you accept?

There are a few items that for legal, moral or hygine reasons we will not accept. These include (but are not limited to):


  1. Bootleg, unofficial or knockoff replicas. We have a total 0 tolerance for this stuff and will never knowingly buy or sell it.
  2. Artwork, figures, posters or anything related which is not an original or print by the artist. For example, a shirt design of artwork that the original artist did not make.
  3. Used Lingerie or wigs. We will accept these if they are in brand new condition still inside their original packaging, unopened.
  4. Copyrighted characters, trademarks, logos or anything related that has been created without consent or contactual agreement with the owner. For example, a poster of Gurren Lagann that is not officially licensed by Gainax.
  5. Any bladed articles or weapons (real swords, BB guns, etc). Cosplay props are acceptable but not if they could potentially pose a threat to the public.
  6. Anything banned by Royal Mail (aerosols, batteries, etc).
  7. Broken goods. For example a figurine with a limb snapped off.
  8. Unboxed DVDs.
  9. Consoles, games or software/accessories.
  10. Funko Figures.

Q. What regoin DVDs/Blurays do you accept?

- DVDs that are either region 0 or 2 with a BBFC classification rating (PG, 12A, etc) or exempt from classicification.

- Blurays that are region B with a BBFC classification rating (PG, 12A, etc) or exempt from classicification.

Q. What condition do my DVDs/Blurays need to be in?

We are happy to accept scratched discs as long as they play as normal without issues. Any discs with dents, cracks, holes or warpage will not be



Q. What quality tiers do you have for goods. How do I know which one my stuff is?

We currently have 3 tiers for our goods. If you're unsure which tier your items are, don't worry - We'll let you know once we've inspected them.


Excellent - Mint or as close to as you'll find. Must have original packaging and all parts in mint condition.


Good - Shows slight signs of wear and tear or use. Still has all parts. Box might be lightly damaged.


Poor - Obvious signs of wear and tear or use. Damage to the product. Major damage/missing box.

Q. Is there a maximum amount I can sell to you?

We are a brand new company so our funds to use on buying products does have a limit. Depending on interest in our services we may not buy large or expensive orders.


We do accept multiples of the same goods, but we may offer a reduced price on these as bulk purchases. We may only partially accept your goods depending on what they are and the quantity you are wanting to sell.

Q. How do you determine how much you pay for my goods?

Our team compare prices of your items to existing markets. We aim to offer resonable prices for your goods while making sure we are able to offer goods for sale cheaper than anywhere else.

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